Districts and Schools

Alta Dutch Flat School District

34050 Alta Bonny Nook Road, Alta, CA  95701
Phone:  (530) 389-8283  Fax: (530) 389-2664

Alta-Dutch Flat Elementary School
Emigrant Gap Elementary School

Board of Trustees
Baiocchi, Rochelle Term Expires: 2018
McDonnell, Tom Clerk Term Expires: 2016
Mutto, Kathy Term Expires: 2016
Owen, Scott Term Expires: 2018
Rosenquist, David President Term Expires: 2018
Graham, Lisa Superintendent/Principal 530-389-8283
Business Manager
Shelton, Jessica Business Manager 530-389-8283
Administrative Office Staff
Soule, Tracy Administrative Secretary 530-389-8283 Ext. 10
Maintenance and Operations
Sutton, Aren Maintenance 530-389-8283 Ext. 21